Covid-19 Policy

In accordance with UK Government Guidance November 2020


My Dream Sleepovers agrees that in line with Government guidance, business activities should only take place where we can establish social distancing, safe systems of work, and suitable protection measures for customers/staff and good disinfecting procedures for equipment. 


Payments - must be made electronically in order to comply with the non-contact guidance that is currently advised. 


Bell Tent Hire can only take place where equipment is hired in an enclosed and private back garden area with no access to public spaces. Indoor tent hire is only to be used in one room within the household and should not be moved between rooms after installation. 


Use of the hire equipment - must be for the householder and those living within the household only. Customers must not allow, under any circumstances, persons who are not from their own household to use the equipment. Where customers are found in breach of this, My Dream Sleepovers reserve the right to immediately arrange collection of the equipment. 


We are currently unable to hire for social gatherings and for use outside of immediate family. 


Cross contamination between households will be eliminated by introducing a rest period of 3 days/72 hours between hire and additional cleaning before and after use. 


PPE - Adequate PPE (a face covering & gloves/antibacterial hand wash) will be used by staff when delivering and collecting the hired equipment,

Cleaning - Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned /disinfected before it can be rehired.Soft furnishings that cannot be washed at 60 degrees will not be included in the packages. Bed sheets, cushion covers & blankets will be cleaned at 60 degrees and placed in a sealed tub or bag at least 72hrs prior to delivery. 


Collection of equipment - All Soft furnishings must be placed into a black bag by the client after use and before collection.


Notification of COVID-19 - The client must notify My Dream Sleepovers in advance of delivery if there are any members of the household who have tested positive for Covid 19 or are presenting with symptoms in the run up to hire or during hire. My Dream Sleepovers, will notify the hirer if at any point any members of our household become unwell with any symptoms of Covid 19 and reserve the right to cancel the hire if this situation arises. This policy is in addition to the standard risk assessment and terms of hire which must be agreed to prior to hire. 

Method Statement 

Access - Necessary arrangements should be made by the customer to ensure that there is a clear path to the site of installation. There should be no one working / walking in the immediate vicinity of the designated area.


The client shall ensure that there is an adequate parking space directly outside of the delivery area. Where this is not possible, the hirer should make us aware before installation. 


It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform neighbours where access to the property is shared. 


Delivery -Equipment will be delivered in contained packaging to protect it against damage and contamination.


All items will be off-loaded by hand and temporarily situated in the immediate vicinity of the work area, taking care to avoid any damage to the products and surrounding area.


It is the client’s responsibility to book the equipment to allow for the 72-hour rest period before use. 


Installation - The area designated for the installation should be clear from any debris and or furniture. Clients are then asked to follow the DIY instructions that are supplied with the sleepover set up.


Collection - The client will ensure that all bed sheets, duvets, duvet covers, blankets are removed and placed in the bin liners provided. The contents of the bin liners must be sprayed with antibacterial spray and then sealed, before collection.


Equipment must be placed in the bags provided. The contents of the bags must be sprayed with antibacterial spray and then sealed, before collection.


The client needs to ensure that there is a clear path to the site of collection. There should be no one working / walking in the immediate vicinity of the designated area.


Equipment cleaning - My Dream Sleepovers will ensure that bedsheets, blankets, cushion covers and rugs are washed at 60 degrees, with an additional antibacterial laundry cleanser added to the wash.

Tent covers will be washed at 60 degrees with an additional antibacterial laundry cleanser.


All accessories will be cleaned with an antibacterial spray/wipes.


Waste Disposal - Any bin liners used for bedding will be first placed in a separate, uncontaminated bag, sealed and then disposed of with our usual waste disposal where the duty of care passes on to the refuse team.